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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Politics as usual.

Well, the Democrats won in the House, and ate into the Republican Senate (at least at the time of this blogging). What does this really mean? In the short term, nothing. The sun will still rise, the Earth will still turn, and we all will still have to go to work tomorrow. For the long term, my hope, is that the Dems will show themselves for who they really are, and Conservatives will win in '08.

Now, that was a powerful statement about my political beliefs, but it doesn't really address everything I believe. Let me clarify, so that any chance I actually have of building a readership is destroyed right here.

I am for:
Stemcell research
Freedom of Speech
Lower Taxes
Smaller Government
Social Security Reform

I am against:
ANY form of Gun control
Socialized Healthcare
Hillary Clinton
John McCain
Bans on Saturated Fat
Smoking ordinances

Still reading? Well if so, I recommend stocking up on Standard Cap Mags, and so called "Assault weapons", as I think they are high on the hit list of Nancy Pelosi.


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