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Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Festivus (a little late)

I hope you had a jolly Festivus (the holiday for the rest of us), and that your feats of strength were many and varied, and the airing of grievances was cathartic. For those of you who celebrated Chrismukah I hope you wallowed in many presents.

I myself managed to purchase many and sundry gifts, and in fact received several as well. I have a beautiful wallet from Coach from the little lady, some delectable sausages from NutNBunny, 2 Partagas 160s from mom, and a new 1911 from me. Yes, John Moses Browning's design is still running strong close to 100 years later.

Yes, the slightly blurry, and much to far away picture at the top of the page is indeed my new toy. Ignore the knife, I haven't told the wife about that one yet. Wait. Doh!


Blogger nuttnbunny said...

Hope the sausages pan out.
Sizzle on, little bro. :-)

May need your advice for one of my gifts.
A guide to field game dressing and cookery and the promise of turkey hunting.
I must have been a really good girl this year :-)

9:02 PM  

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