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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Ammo Supply Day!

Yep, for everyone else, April 15th is tax day, but not for me. You see, everyone else's taxes go towards various pork funds, or paying welfare, or various other bits of governmental waste and mismanagement. My taxes, however, pay for ammo for the Marines. Before you get all crazy, no I don't make enough to pay for practice ammo for ALL the Marines. It should however pay for at least a couple days worth of happy bang bang fun for at least a couple of them. Depending on ammo costs, maybe even a squad.

I know, you are thinking "How did he get so lucky? Why do I have to pay for some Crack Ho's latest precious snowflake when he gets to buy ammo for Marines?" Simple, I called it first. You can claim your own version if you want. Simply post it. Stop buying needles for junkies, and buy ammo or support the arts, or whatever else you prefer. All you have to do, is claim it (heck you could even do it in my comments section).

Incidentally, my runner up to ammo for the Marines, was a grant for the US Olympic team (Specifically the Judo team or the Shooting team).

It definitely makes it easier when you see that bite the .Gov takes.

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Blogger nuttnbunny said...

Cool! Thanks for the ammo. :-)

I want our $ to pay for library books.

btw - I can only feed 10 cannibals. I'm off to eat waffles. :-)

9:04 AM  

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