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Monday, May 14, 2007

These boots are made for walking ...

Actually, the boot on my right foot isn't made for walking, it's made for not putting pressure on my right toes. Apparently it's a bad idea to fly through the air and land on your big toe. Who knew?

Yes, this past weekend was the BJJ tournament in Spring, Texas. I won 2 matches and lost 2 matches. Other then this big immobilizing ankle boot I have to wear it was good.

First match I won 19-2, Second match I won by submission (up 20-0 at the time), third match I lost by submission, and the 4th match I lost by submission. 22 people in the Heavy weight Gi division. THat's alot of poundage. 10 guys in the Superheavyweight no-gi division. That numbers are huge (no pun intended).

So, back to my foot. It actually has 2 injuries, first a little over a week ago I dislocated my little toe, but I popped it back into place. I also did something to my 3rd toe, so now it won't bend. I can, however, shoot the bird with my right foot (so I have that going for me). While flying (or more specifically landing) on Saturday, I also managed to break my Sesmoidal bone. Well, they think I did, it's definately in 2 pieces, but they can't prove it wasn't like that to begin with (unless they Xray the other foot to see if it is the same. So far they haven't decided to do that. I will be in the boot for 2 weeks minimum. More when I get back to the doctor on the 28th.

Also, I have an upcoming visit to Rhode Island for work, and am planning a trip to Nashville to visit a buddy. Fun fun stuff.

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