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Saturday, September 01, 2007

I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

Friday night we rounded up a couple of friends and went to the Brazilian Churrascaria Estancia. All I can say is WOW! We got there a little early, and while they were putting our table together we decided to have a drink at the bar. The selection of Bourbon could have been better, but the strength of the drinks was nice. They definitely didn't skimp on the alcohol. WHile waiting, they brought a basket of Cheese bread. Hot fresh bread with cheese melted on the inside. Delicious.

As our friends walked in the door, they whisked us away to our table, the restaurant was crowded, but not uncomfortably. We ordered wine and went and got our salads. Nothing revolutionary, but they did have a nice selection of heart of palm and other bits I don't eat (artichoke hearts etc).

After the salads, they brought fried yucca, seared plantains with carmelized sugar, more cheese bread. and garlic mashers. Then they started bringing meat. Sausage, pork ribs, bottom loin, top loin, filet mignon, lamb, chicken breast, and pork. All cooked to flavor (I assume they had welldone, I like it all rare).

After the meat, we decided on coffee and dessert. I of course went with the creme brulee, M went with the Mango Ice cream with Raspberry liquor. After composing ourselves and finishing off the rest of the second bottle of wine, we decided to head home. I'm still full.


Blogger nuttnbunny said...

Yum! We should all get together in Brazil and do this sometime! :-)

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