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Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Done, Done, and I'm on to the next one ..."

With a nod of the head to the Foo Fighters. BJJ Friday night, and I walked out with another stripe. Two more, and I get my blue belt. Risking the cliche, this has taken a little blood (seen in the picture), a lot of sweat, and a little bit of tears. It's amazing where I started compared to where I am right now, I remember first starting, and thinking I would never be able to do what they are doing. Now, new guys come in, and I see what I was in them.

In other news, I started my first week without the boot (maybe I started back to BJJ slightly earlier then the doc had in mind), but very little pain, and none while wrestling. I did take it easy, but my state of mind and my body are better now that I have rolled at least once. Next class Wednesday, see the Dr. on Friday.


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Beautiful photo. xoxo...

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