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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hoplophobes are silly ...

I often run across a tired meme from people who are afraid of weapons (and more specifically guns). That meme, is that "gun owners are compensating for something! *wink wink*".

Most recently I was stumbling through blogs when I ran across a woman who had a friend's boyfriend act like a jerk. (Long story short he was excited about getting a new pistol and pulled it out in front of a hoplophobe and her kid. He also made some factually incorrect statements about the pistol.) While what he did was indeed wrong (waving the gun around broke one of the 4 rules), the wailing and gnashing of teeth had less to do with his actions, and more to do with the inanimate object.

I stopped reading after a bit, because the vitriole was simply disgusting:

"He must have a small penis!"
"I hate guns!"
"You should get rid of [the woman] as a friend."
"You should report him to the police!"

It went on and on for 50+ posts.

I myself often carry a firearm around the house, and carrying a firearm around your own house (or a house of a friend if they allow it) is legal in all 50 states. The biggest difference, is most people wouldn't know I am carrying. I conceal it, and don't wave it around.

In the end, I didn't respond. It wasn't worth my time to try and convince them, but strangly enough Oleg Volk had a similar theme pop up on at least one of his forums.

His pictures tend to say it better then I can.

This image is copywritten by Oleg Volk. More can be seen at A Human Right.

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Blogger nuttnbunny said...

I tried to bring the pendulum back to sanity with my comment. Exercise in futility?

btw - Did I tell you about my new turkey gun. Mossberg 185 Ulti-Mag. She's a beauty!


10:05 AM  
Blogger Cookie said...

While I, personally would not own a gun, my 20 year old daughter has what we call her sniper rifle. A friend took her shooting late last fall, and they discovered she has a natural talent. It helps her deal with the daily frustrations of our crazy life, and she has something to excel at.
She wants to go deer hunting next year. Venison? On MY table? You betcha!

3:39 PM  

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