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Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend whirlwind

It was a busy weekend around my casa. The inlaws where in town this weekend, which necesitated a cleaning frenzy not often seen around our house. It really wasn't that bad, especially since our housekeeper does the really hard work (mopping/vaccuming, dusting, & sheet changing). However, we did also clean out our office which was a bit of a chore, since I consider that my man cave.

Saturday had me going to the morning BJJ class. Excitement there, since we had a couple new guys, and hints of a possible 4th stripe for me. I have a seminar coming up in October, so I need to check and see if the NYC trip is going to happen.

After a shower and shave the previously mentioned in-laws arrived. After much discussion, we settled on meeting the BIL at an upscale version of BBQ. I say upscale, because the original Salt Lick BBQ is an all you can eat joint in Driftwood, Texas. This is a hoity toity version by the same name. In this case, I think I prefered the fancy version simply because I didn't feel like driving an extra hour and then waiting another 30 minutes for a table.

Sufficiently fed we decided to head back to the house to rest before heading out to the "Local Collegiate Sports Collective" or to those who live in Austin, The Texas Longhorns. The game was rough in the first half, but in the end the Longhorns dominated.

Sunday had everyone leaving, and copious amounts of fantasy football. Plus these really delicious Cheese and Bacon scones that my better half bought at Central Market. I think these might have been about 70000 calories a piece, as they were tasty, but any thoughts I had of watching my diet this weekend were blown by the new beverage I was drinking. Fresh squeezed OJ, good dark rum, ice, and blood orange Italian soda. Nice. No BJJ next Saturday, as I am going to try and hit opening teal season, so I think I will go to the MMA class tonight. Wish me luck.


Blogger nuttnbunny said...

Teals beware! :-)

That new drink sounds scrumptuous. What should we drink for Thanksgiving?

10:23 AM  
Blogger Matt G said...

I know the Driftwood Saltlick well. Hard to beat.

11:00 PM  

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