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Monday, February 09, 2009

Boomsticks Blogmeet AAR

OK, so it really isn't an After Action Report. Rather, a brief synopsis of the fun we had (however short it may have been).

The Background:

A couple weeks ago I was blogsurfing, when I hit Speaker Tweaker (Where sometimes things go bang). He mentioned that all the cool kids where getting together, and we should as well (I'm inserting myself in as a "we" simply because I read the blogs). He left an open invitation, and like the fat kid who finds a lost birthday part invitation, I wanted to eat cake. He and Murphy started planning.

The runup:
I told my wife, who then mentions we had a party that night in San Antonio anyway. Score! Seems to be working out, until I started on the details. She didn't want to take two cars. Makes sense to me, but she wasn't excited about shooting. It just isn't her thing (no big deal I can understand). We decided that 9AM was too early anyway and we would show up late. Still excited. I started loading mags.

The Day:
Loading the truck, I realized I didn't want to lug a ton of firearms down to San Antonio then have to explain to my in-laws what I am carrying and why I have them. They don't know I blog. It's easier for me to complain, talk about the stuff they don't know about (tattoos), and frankly I just don't want them to know.

This brings up a dilemma. What to bring. I decided to bring the Sub2k 9mm and my cursed 1911. I'm still not sure why I decided to bring this particular pistol, as it has never worked properly. Typically giving a failure to feed. Last time out it worked almost flawlessy, but I wasn't lucky this time. (As an aside, if anyone knows a smith who works on 1911s who can do the work for say $200 I would appreciate it).

We roll in with no problems (Yay GPS!), and walk in. The range is nice, although I'm glad I brought ears with me, as you park in a central area and shooting is going on all around. I walk into the pistol area and quickly realize I don't know what anyone looks like. The range is cold, and I'm able to listen in on several conversations. Through this I pick two groups that might be the people I am looking for. Only one has a CZ52. Bingo, I walk up and casually ask if Jim was part of the blogmeet. Fortunately he was. I pulled out my doomed pistol and lay it on the table.

I'm not going to force a play by play, but here are some of the highlights:

*"Is this screw supposed to look like this?" Crap, no.

*Bang. Why did my magazine just blow out the bottom of my Keltec? Hmm, something isn't right. Why does this brass have a whole in the bottom? Looks like a case head failure. Time to switch ammo.

*I might be crazy, but I didn't think the Mosin was too bad. "That's because you are a masochist." Fair enough.

*"Did anyone notice the disconcerting number of holes in the tin roof of the rifle range."

*"We only allow slow shooting from the bench. No more then 3 shots every five seconds." Possibly related to the holes in the roof?

*"Time to go." Looks like I'm done guys, my wife has been way more then patient with me.

I had fun. Next time I will be more prepared. Why I decided to bring that pistol I don't know. I kinda felt like the Ahole of the world, but at least had a good time when I shot that Mosin. I think I have one of those on my list. I can only imagine the impression I left. My ADD was firing and I was a spazz. Oh well, it happens.

Here are a couple more images:

Jim & the Sig 556

Speaker and the M44

I'm not sure how I missed a picture of Murph. Probably more of me being a Spazz.

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Blogger firefighter4884 said...

or maybe you were just shooting too much :)

1:56 PM  
Blogger Murphy said...

Great pics and good times!

12:02 PM  
Blogger SpeakerTweaker said...

Dude, we had a ton of fun! I notice that both you and Murph mentioned the "rate of fire" incident:) It warms my heart, really.

And despite the repeated failures to feed, I still thought that Lightweight Commander was cool. I bet that thing needs an easy fix. Check Sportsman's Finest in Austin. They got a great smithy in there.

I'm glad you made it. Can't wait for the next one! Maybe at a more flexible range...


8:39 PM  

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