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Monday, November 17, 2008

Two tickets to the gun show?

Well, technically it was only one ticket, as the Rabbiteach was a bit under the weather (actually a lot under the weather). I went a bit earlier then usual, but didn't think it would be a problem. In fact, I figured I would get there before most folks. Wrong again. The line was probably 150 yards long and easily had 250 people in it. Each willing to pay a Lady Godiva (technically it would have been less but I like the Cockney Rhyming Slang) to get in and look around.

Prices were ridiculous. Not a little off, or slightly higher. Ridiculous. Glock Sub2000 9mm was $429 (MSRP is $406). WASR-10s were listed at $699 ($429 1 month ago). Glock 33 round mags $49. I bought a couple 30 round Pmags at $17 a piece (about $1 higher then usual), but that was it. Stripped Superior Arms lowers were selling for $150 and had a line 30 people deep to buy them. I wanted to pick up a Saiga-12, but they wanted $900 for them. No thanks, I will get on a waiting list for half that price. People were silly.

After fighting my way out of the parking lot, I went over to GT's, and bought some of the Federal shotgun ammo. They have the LEF127RS slugs that I like (who wouldn't like a 1oz slug traveling at 1610 FPS?) and the Flight Control OO LE12700. I also grabbed a couple boxes of the Speer LE Golddot ammo. My rifles lurv the 223 Rem 64Gr. GDSP.

Maybe some pictures this weekend if the weather is nice, I have lots of stuff I need to photo and the boss will be at an English Teacher thing. Might be time to try and find a fixed 50mm lens for the Camera, or get really artsy and find a fisheye lens.

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