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Monday, December 22, 2008

Traveling and the jits

BJJ skills are perishable. If you take even a little time off you will notice some "mat rust". It might be your wind, it might be your sub defense is a little off, or it could be a simple lack of flow. One of the easiest way to keep up with it, is to train everyplace you can. This gives you the added benefit of rolling with people you have never rolled with before.

One thing I have found, is that most schools are cool about letting you join an open mat (provided that you are cool also). I will save the etiquette lesson for another post, but we can probably leave it at "Don't be an asshole" (which translates to alot of other things in life).

This weekend I had to go to Corpus Christi for a wedding. Because I had to miss class on Saturday, and the upcoming holiday I wanted to take every opportunity I had to roll. To that end, I contact the guys at Paragon BJJ. Aurelio Gallegos (BJJ Blackbelt under Ricardo "Franjinha" Miller), and he said they usually have open mats on Saturday and to come on out.

I grabbed my gi and hit the mats. As expected, attendance was light 5 days before Christmas, but he did have two guys alternating between working the bags and rolling in the cage. Aurelio and I rolled for roughly 3 15 minute rounds, and then called it a day. With warmup I got a good hour roll in (effectively lubricating the joints), and met some good guys.

If you are traveling to Corpus Christi, or looking for BJJ in the area I would give them a call.

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