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Sunday, March 08, 2009

What's in your range bag?

Brigid at Home on the Range wanted to know what I carry around in my range bag. Sadly enough, my range bag looks similar to my man cave. That is to say, Cluttered. My range bag does double duty, it is both a range and hunting bag. I didn't include the piece of beef jerky left from the last dove hunt, or the handful of receipts from range visits long past, but I do have lots of .22 ammo as I was sighting in my CZ 452 that I finally scoped. Sadly enough it prefers the expensive Greentag ammo, but hey at least it gives me a 5 shot group that can be covered by a dime (25 yards right now - good for me but most can do better I think). Essentially, it shoots much better then I do.

Back on target (no pun intended), the range bag contents.

Six types of .22 ammo
Ears (electric muffs and in ear plugs)
A swiss army knife
Spray oil
knife sharpener
hand held talkabout
lip balm
3 stray shotgun shells (3 inch BB, 2 3/4 7.5, and inexplicably a .410 in 9 shot (I don't own a .410)
stray brass (.303, 30-06, 7mm, 223, 9mm, & .38 Spcl)
1 live .22 shell (probably from a Remington bulk pack that split on a previous trip)

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Blogger Brigid said...

Knife sharpener. GOOD idea.

Loved the photo. The bags vary as much as we do, but they're all essentially the same. Practical, purposeful.

8:46 AM  

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