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Monday, June 15, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas ... a couple weeks ago.

Vegas was Vegas. The show was slower then usual, but we still made some good connections. I did gamble a bit, but nothing crazy. I should have quit after the first night, but Vegas lights don't run on folks quitting early.

Based on the amount of money I saw lost the news of a bad economy are vastly over rated. Multiple times I would sit down at a table and have strangers join shortly after. The siren song for pit bosses floating through the air "Changing One Thousand". I didn't take any pictures, honestly I didn't even bring my camera. I imagine the portraits would have been interesting, but I don't think security would have liked me using the long lens.

As I mentioned before, I'm a sucker for trashy SciFi. It doesn't have to be trashy, but lets face it, 99% of the stuff coming out today isn't Heinlein. I have a particular weakness for Vampire novels. Shocking I know. I just finished the latest from Laurell Hamilton, Skin Trade. Her Anita Blake series started off great, but went downhill fast. I kept reading only because I felt it had promise, but was frankly embarrassed to be seen reading it. Over the years the series had degenerated into barely concealed hatred for her ex, and several times an all out pseudo-SM orgy of short, muscular, longhaired, tripods. While some of that is still present in the new book, she tones it down immensely. I think she might have finally discovered a good editor, but we shall see.

July should bring us a re-release of Larry Correia's Monster Hunter International. MHI is going to be a fantastic series, and is really a great idea. I own one of the original MHI novels from when he did a self published release, and will purchase several of the new books when available. He might be the anti-Laurell Hamilton. Larry's protagonist was a mild mannered accountant turn Monster Hunter. I'm fairly certain he hasn't ever been in an orgy of Vampires and Lycanthropes.

Competed in a JiuJitsu tournament this weekend. Since I'm going to start trying to blog more regularly I will post more about that later. I also finished my left chest panel and start the right panel in July.

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