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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Goings on ...

I've decided I use the ellipsis too much, but can't decide what I should use instead. The boss says complete sentences work nicely for most people, but what does she know?

I've gotten to the point where I am perpetually sore. BJJ keeps me fairly beaten up, and probably contributes the most, but it's the nagging injuries that bother me the most. Right now my right foot hurts. I played golf today, and probably overdid it a bit. Friday we went bowling, and then out to dinner to plan the first annual Austin PXTX (Practice Thanksgiving - blatantly stolen from NuttNbunny with no apologies offered).

So, PXTX is the chance for friends to get together and celebrate Thanksgiving with each other vs with their families. It's also the chance to practice these strange dishes you want to wow everyone with in a low stress environment. Our PXTX is set for the second weekend in November. I think it might be cutting it a bit close, but most of the other weekends are already taken. I'm responsible for the turkey (which will be fried), and the cranberries. We haven't really nailed down the rest of the parts yet, but hope to this week.

I also added a couple knives to the collection, but haven't taken pics of them yet. Plus, my new hog knife should be finished soon. I hope to book a hog hunt this Fall, but haven't found a place yet. I do have a lead, where you hunt hogs with a knife behind dogs. That should make some interesting blog material.

Finally, I will close out with some pics of the teal hunt. Actually, a couple sunset pics, since this was a morning hunt.

A link to the large size.


Blogger nuttnbunny said...

can personally attest to the strength of your fried turkey...

and cranberries...

and no apologies necessary. Miss Julie will be pleased that PxTx has been stolen so well.


8:16 PM  

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