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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vegas ... again, and a new toy.

Just got word that I will be in Vegas again next week (For Interop). Current plan is arrive on Monday and leave on Thursday. Hopefully I will get to wrestle a bit while there. May try to hit Marc Laimon's gym (Cobra Kai) as I leave for Dallas on Friday (NAGA BJJ tournament).

Last time I went to Vegas, I ended up a couple hundred dollars up. That coupled with my winning the office March Madness pool, bought me a new CZ 452 (the .22 bolt action rifle). No pictures yet, but I will add them when I get home. For some reason, work frowns on me bringing my rifles in for a photo shoot. Something about playing with my camera vs working. Phillistines.

*Edit* No pictures. I couldn't get them to come out properly. I will try again this afternoon.

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Blogger Hammer said...

Try to visit the gun store on tropicana. Their machinegun rental is just the cost of ammunition.
(and they load the mags)

4:01 PM  
Blogger 10% said...

You know, I visited there once, and they were a little ... wierd. On a previous trip I did rent some FA at American Shooters. We shot an HK UMP, and an MP5-PDW. I think I liked the UMP the best.

2:06 AM  

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