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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The government we deserve ...

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. - JFK

Today we should change that to "Ask not what you can do for your country, but what you believe your country should do for you." I wasn't surprised by the election results. In fact, it went down about the way I expected. However, that fact doesn't make me any less disappointed. I'm not disappointed that people got out and voted, but I am disappointed that people actually believed what the candidates said versus what they have done in the past.

One of my hot buttons is firearms. I believe the 2nd Amendment makes the rest possible. PE* Obama has consistently voted against individuals being able to own and defend themselves with firearms, yet people actually believed him when he said he wouldn't restrict firearms if elected. He has consistently said he wouldn't raise taxes, but he doesn't consider letting the Bush tax cuts expire to be raising taxes. Actions speak louder then words.

I firmly believe that a large portion of the population has been duped into voting for someone based on the National equivalent of a Highschool Class President. Empty promises and lip service to change. However, McCain wasn't much better. The difference, was that we had a longer timetable on the road to hell under McCain then we do under Obama. Biden himself admits that they are going to make lots of unpopular decisions, and that the US will be tested at the global level based solely on who was elected. I think that speaks volumes.

Just remember, as the federal government starts to eat away at your freedoms, as that maximum tax line starts to creep toward your bottomline, and as more people start to feel the burden of supporting those who are unwilling to carry their fair share remember that we caused this. This was the choice of a large percent of our country. When we look for blame, you can look to the mirror, your family, and your friends. We get the government we deserve.

As for me, I have to buy more mags and ammo. January 20th isn't that far off, and the freedoms I currently enjoy will be severly curtailed in the 1st 100 days. That is, unless Atlas Shrugs.

*President Elect

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