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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well, that isn't fun.

I dislike when someone rains on my parade. Even when the rain is necessary. The conglomo that I work for managed to not screw me out a nice commission, and I was flush with cash. Paying bills was on my radar, as was a nice used Glock I had been drooling on at the local gun store. That is when my wife dropped the proverbial bucket of rain on my plans. "I know you want that pistol, but maybe you should think about a gun safe."

She is of course 100% correct. As usual. I've needed a safe for awhile now. Firearms stashed in closets, under beds, and even in corners. That coupled with the recent "taking of things from my truck" has us both a bit worried. If we ever had a break-in the thieves would have a field day. Lots of toys, and thousands of rounds of ammo. So, off to start looking at safes.

I do have some fun things wining their way to me though! New (to me) camera! A Yashica Mat 124 120 film camera. Looking forward to taking pictures with it. The last roll of 120 film I had developed didn't come out. At some point the film was exposed. The risks you take, although I'm sorry I lost some of those shots. I think I can re-take them, but I just have to go down to San Marcos/Wimberly again.

More pictures coming shortly.


Blogger Matthew said...

damn gun-safes the most non-fun gun related purchase. Until its in place, then you stand back look at it and feel a helluva lot better about it.

2:52 PM  

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