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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Updated my Blogroll

Made some changes to the blogroll. Nothing major, but I wanted to add a couple that I have been reading, and a new one from a buddy of mine.

Ordered by memory, and not by any other significance:

Beef's blog. OK, his name isn't Beef, but I've called him that ever since I met him. He started Crossfit a couple weeks after I did. A dedicated power lifter in High school, I bet he can easily lift more then me. With one hand.

Paladin's blog. An animal control officer, I first stumbled across him at Brigid's blog, but quickly realized I had watched several of his videos already. His blog is full of useful info, and he enjoys photography as well.

Straight Forward in a Crooked World. Wow, his Defense Against the Dark Arts series is incredible (yes, I did steal that from Harry Potter). I don't recall where I first saw this blog mentioned, but have been following it dutifully for awhile. If any advice can help out when the excrement hits the oscillating blades you will find it here.

As always, this blog and the links I post are mainly for my own ease of use. I know I can hit my blog then branch out to several others (makes it easier for me to get my fix). No return links are required.

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