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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weekends are for resting

Stone work is nearing completion. That is, until I tear the whole thing out and make changes. Again. I'm not 100% satisfied with the work. Who knew I would be a perfectionist on this. Did I mention the stones are heavy? Estimates put each "brick" at around 110-125 pounds. I may tear out the right side and redo it again.

I may just add a 3rd row of stone on the right side (starting under the door - which means I need to buy a stone hammer so I can shave down the bricks).

In other news, I started looking at going back to school. Yes, it is stupid, and I didn't really enjoy classes when I was in undergrad, but a Masters in Marketing would probably be beneficial down the road. Of course, my craptastic GPA means I need to do well on the GRE. Who knows, I may wait a couple more years. I don't particularly want to go back. Decisions decisions.

BJJ has been interesting. We did some drills that while not fitting with "my game" (which is being defined so may in fact fit with theoretical game) were challenging. Essentially starting from the "heimlich drop takedown" we went to a scramble drill. At first I waited until the underneath guy got set then tried to play a slower stretching game. That didn't work, because I didn't adapt appropriately. I got a bit frustrated, and used that to eventually start moving better. I'm not explosive (shocking I know), so I tried to be more technical. Until I started being more dynamic Doug was able to move around more. Once I started staying heavy and moving first it worked better. In retrospective I guess I did get something out of the drills. Open rolling Doug had me in some precarious positions, but I managed to defend and escape each time. He went for an arm bar he likes, and I stacked and escaped then grabbed an ankle lock, and tapped him. Not too shabby, but I can't fall back on ankle/foot locks each time. Plus, I think he was being careful of his knee. Still, it was perfectly positioned.

I hope to have at least one if not two Dove hunts coming soon. One in South Texas, and I'm heading out to Midland for a couple days also. Dates aren't firm yet, as I have a BJJ seminar, a BJJ open mat in San Marcos, and a wedding party the same day as the open mat. Idle hands are the Devil's playground, or somethign along those lines. October should have another grappling lab at Travis Tooke's gym again. I will bring my camera, and do a full writeup if/when possible.

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Blogger nuttnbunny said...

At first I thought it said "I may tear out MY right side" and I was really worried.

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