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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not the only predator in the forest

Sitting under the tree watching the bucks play is a great way to pass the morning. I wasn't hunting deer, but rather hogs. They had been tearing up the place. Literally. A hog wallow under the deer feeder, a spot 30 feet across near the road. Pasture land that is needed to sustain cattle looks like someone went after it with a tiller.

This particular hunt I didn't see any hogs, but I had settled into a nice spot and didn't feel like heading back to the house yet. The sun was warm, cutting the chill from early morning. I had setup downwind of the feeder, and watched with no small interest as first the does and then several bucks headed from their bedding area out to a corn feeder. As they approached a particular area, they would also flash the white tail and get skittish. Circling almost all the way around to my side. Nearly getting my scent, but at the last second heading back towards the feeder. A bachelor group of bucks comes crashing through the woods from the East without a care in the world. Making enough noise to spook the button buck and doe eating on the far south side of the feeder.

Oblivious to my presence, they head up to the feeder. One particular clump of brush has their attention. The Alpha in the group refuses to give ground. A stomp then a loud chuff show his displeasure. Several more steps then another chuff. Finally, a lanky bobcat struts from the brush. He isn't in a hurry, and like me, he isn't after venison. He trots off to the East, like only a cat can do. No rabbits or coons today, but he has other spots to hunt.

It's good to remember, that you aren't the only predator at the feeder.

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