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Friday, December 21, 2007

He was a wise man who invented beer. - Plato

As promised, a beer review. One of the things that goes well with chili, is beer. I was roaming around my local liquor store, trying to figure out what I wanted, when it hit me (figurativly of course). Beer, but not just any beer, but Good beer!

Down the beer aisle I went. I saw lots of choices, but was really in the mood for a good ale. Something that has the body and the flavor to go up against chili. In the end, I decided on the Bootlegger Brown Ale by Independance Brewing Company.

The marketing blurb on this one reads "Smooth, chocolatey, and easy-drinking... Bootlegger Brown Ale won't slow you down. Brewed with the finest two-row barley and Belgium chocolate malt, Bootlegger has a distinctive, chocolatey flavor. Bootlegger is filtered for a medium body and clean, laid-back finish."

It did have hints of chocolate, but I think it had a bit more caramel flavor. I served it well chilled, but I think it was better after it warmed a bit. It didn't form much of a head (maybe the way I poured it?), but the aromatics were still nice. All in all, I consider it a nice malty caramel goodness. Probably better on a colder day, but still a quality beer.

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