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Saturday, December 08, 2007

I got the Xmas shopping blues.

Actually I don't, but I did knock out a significant portion of it today. The last couple days stores have been insane. I drive a truck. A big black truck, and yet to some it has become invisible. I pulled into a lot on Friday, and a woman driving on the wrong side of the road got mad at me because I wouldn't move. I yelled at another guy in the parking lot, because he almost ran over me and a little old couple while backing out. Apparently it's ok to blindly throw your car into gear while simultaneously talking on the phone and pulling out into a cross walk. Who knew?

One thing I do to calm myself (other then yelling at the evil doers), is listen to a little relaxing music. So, next time you get a little tense, check out Andy McKee.

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Blogger nuttnbunny said...

That does chill things out! Thx :-)

11:21 AM  

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