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Monday, December 31, 2007

A new link, but no nostalgic 2007 stuff from me.

Everyone always gets nostalgic on New Years Eve, but I refuse. Instead, I offer a new blog I recently re-discovered. When your only tool is a Hammer . Guns, animals, and a family nearly as dysfuntional as my own. What's not to like?

Holidaze were good, we spent most of the time at the In-laws, and that was relaxing (mostly). As usual I ate way too much food, but that was expected. Before we left, we buried Memo's ashes. His urn is at the foot of a Sycamore tree, next to a palmetto. Not sure it made us feel any better about it, but time may help. I think we are going to plant a rosemary bush near him.

I guess a little nostalgia. We miss you buddy.


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