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Friday, July 11, 2008

The day after ...

Yesterday's post was way too morose. I will post it later after editing. So, I think I might have become a lightweight. Not in actual weight, but rather in drinking, eating, and smoking.

Last night we went to Hudson's on the Bend for dinner, to celebrate my 33rd trip around the sun. It was scrumptious. I started with the seared Fois Gras. If I ever have to pick a least bite to eat on this planet, hand me a plate of fois gras. For my main course, I had the Ribeye with Guajillo Sauce, and M had the chocolate espresso Elk backstrap. My steak was a bit tough, but flavorful. Her meat was perfect. With dinner, we had a bottle of Spellbound Petite Syrah. A light red, it balanced well with our dinner, as well as the Creme Brulee trio we had for dessert.

On our way home, we decided to look at TVs at Worstbuy. We want a new TV for our bedroom. I'm leaning towards a 42-46 inch LCD from Samsung, but we shall see.

When we got home I lit up a cigar. Last night saw me smoking the Padron 1926 Serie 2. A 5.5 inch box pressed belicoso. It was nice and spicy, and matched well with my Vanwinkle Bourbon. All of that led me to take a couple gas-ex pills and hit the rack around 10:00. I was done.

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