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Monday, July 21, 2008

Witty post title ... maybe some song lyric or other.

July is always busy, what with my anniversary, vacation, July 4th, my birthday, FIL's birthday, wife's birthday, and BIL's birthday, it is downright insane. Throw in that pesky work thing, and I can barely find time for anything. This explains my lack of BJJ posts (to the delight of some I'm sure), but also puts me in a less joyful mood.

You see, something in the way I was brought up, says that if I am not active in some way or another, I start to get cranky. Before BJJ, paintball was my outlet. I guess I need something that leaves bruises. If I wasn't such a baby, I might be a masochist. Maybe a passive aggressive masochist? I want to be hurt, but am going to complain about it? Anyway, my point was that BJJ makes me a nicer person, and I look forward to training this week since I didn't get to go last week.

The dreamcicle AR is coming along. I had to order a couple parts, that should arrive in a week or two. The lower kit installed easily enough, and was actually easier then I thought. I think I will go with a standard 5.56 upper. That way I can use matching PMags from Magpul (Incidentally, I would love to work for this company. Anyone know anybody who works there?).

I have several pictures I need to take. Two knives, a shotgun, and some old circuit boards I think would make neat macro images. Maybe combine the knives and the boards together. Tattoo is healed (mostly). The peony is still peeling a bit, but has turned more blue. It will need a touchup, but that should be quick, and I will probably have that done when I start the other work. (Down the road, but hopefully this year).

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Blogger Hammer said...

I have a paintball gun but I use it on the birds that crap on my deck. They HATE getting shot with it.

I'll have to try doing paintball one of these days.

5:46 PM  

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