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Saturday, September 27, 2008

"The good 'ole Blues Brothers Boys Band?"

Rabbiteach convinced me to go out and listen to some music. One of her friends plays in the Burnett Jones Band, and the were playing at Poodie's Hilltop. We got there a little early, which is shickong since I managed to drive about 20 miles further then I should have (and then had to back track). It was a blast! Burnett Jones sounded great, and Poodie's looked like it hadn't changed since the last time we went (probably 2 years ago).

(taken with my phone)

Burnett Jones plays a mixture of Classic Country, Texas Country (Pat Green, Cory Morrow, etc), and their own stuff. I need to get their CD as it is sometimes difficult to hear in Poodie's, but the custom stuff was good.

Following Burnett Jones' set, they had a band from Dallas called Eleven Hundred Springs. 1100 was even louder then Burnett Jones. Maybe i'm getting old, but I like to be able to actually hear the music, not just feel it through the sound waves. They also didn't sound much like their album, but that could have been them trying to excite the crowd. We left mid way through their set. Not because we didn't like them, but I didn't want to drink anymore beer (BJJ in the morning), and because the combination of smoke and volume was giving us a headache. I'm still going to download their album.

Sorry for the crappy pictures. Poodie's is an "interesting" place. I need to take a good camera there and take some portraits. Lots of character in the faces of the people there.

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