10 Percent Bigger

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My ongoing exploits with BestBuy ...

BestBuy has recently moved up to #2 on my list of things I don't really like. It was a meteoric rise precipitated by the bungling of the so called "Geek Squad". Verily, I shall regale you with this tale of woe (In English, i'm going to b&m about their lack of customer service).

January 13th I dropped off my computer. It would continuosly roll through the boot cycle, but wouldn't finish. I probably could have spent several hours fixing this, or I could take it to BestBuy and they could fix it in a couple hours (a bit of foreshadowing ... yeah right).

It seems that the guys in the Geek Squad, aren't as bright as they would have you believe. Before I could even leave the store, GS1 tells me the harddrive was bad. Having run a drive diagnostic before leaving the house I assured him that wasn't the case. He ran his own hardware test and agreed. Then he tells me that he needs to fix the boot file (a little research on my part says it's a boot.ini file). I explain that I have moved a couple times since installation, and that I most likely won't be able to find the license. He assures me that it won't be necessary.

I go about my merry way, and come back in 30 minutes per his instructions. At that time he tells me he needs the OS license. I express dismay. Vociferously. My logic astounds him, and I take my toys and go home. After digging through garage boxes and office drawers, I find the disc and licenses. I hook up the computer and type in the license key. It no worky. It appears that they installed an upgrade version of XP Pro over my current OEM copy of XP pro. So, I unhook the computer and drive up to BB, with the hopes that maybe i'm just doing it wrong. I point out that my license is an OEM copy (this was mentioned to them before), and that they installed an upgrade version on my computer. Looks like we made a mistake. We need to do a complete backup and reinstall the OS (I could have done this, I just didn't feel like pulling the harddrive). Here is your paper work, it will be ready for pickup tomorrow.

No call the next day, or the next, or the next. In fact no call at all.

Fast forward to January 20th. I had to run to the grocery, and decide to pop in and pick up the computer. My thinking was that even though they hadn't called, it had been plenty of time. In fact, it was 4 days past the little pickup date on the paper.

GS2 - "We are sorry, but your computer isn't ready. We are having trouble installing the OS. In fact we had to grab a new version off the shelf."
10% - *Scrutinize* Can I speak with a manager?
GS2 - "Sure, here is GS Manager"
GM - "What's the issue? Sure, we can have that fixed and ready for you today or tomorrow. I assure you it will be ready tomorrow."
10% - "Err ok"

Next day (1/21) I called:
10% - "Can I pick up my computer?"
GS3 - "It isn't ready. We have been busy getting new computers ready and we can't find the drivers we need for your computer."
10% - Huh? Why do you need ME drivers? Is the fact that i'm not standing there forcing you to do your job the reason you haven't completed?
GS3 - "We have been very busy."
10% - I need to speak with a service manager.
GS3 - "Talk to TJ."
10% - You tell TJ i'm coming up there to talk to him

I arrive and talk to TJ. He apologizes. He isn't sure why I didn't get a call. Yes, this has been a mistake on their part. He guarantees it will be ready tonight, or we will get a call. Twenty minutes before closing they call. Apparently the computer is ready.

1/22 - I pickup the computer, and take it home. After eating dinner, I hook the computer up, and turn it on. It continually cycles through the boot cycle but doesn't ever start.

I call and talk to another manager. He is very apologetic, the current GS guy didn't work on my computer, and he doesn't have the full story. Blah Blah Blah. I have to take it back and let them work on it again.

1/23 - to be continued ...