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Monday, December 31, 2007

A new link, but no nostalgic 2007 stuff from me.

Everyone always gets nostalgic on New Years Eve, but I refuse. Instead, I offer a new blog I recently re-discovered. When your only tool is a Hammer . Guns, animals, and a family nearly as dysfuntional as my own. What's not to like?

Holidaze were good, we spent most of the time at the In-laws, and that was relaxing (mostly). As usual I ate way too much food, but that was expected. Before we left, we buried Memo's ashes. His urn is at the foot of a Sycamore tree, next to a palmetto. Not sure it made us feel any better about it, but time may help. I think we are going to plant a rosemary bush near him.

I guess a little nostalgia. We miss you buddy.

Friday, December 21, 2007

He was a wise man who invented beer. - Plato

As promised, a beer review. One of the things that goes well with chili, is beer. I was roaming around my local liquor store, trying to figure out what I wanted, when it hit me (figurativly of course). Beer, but not just any beer, but Good beer!

Down the beer aisle I went. I saw lots of choices, but was really in the mood for a good ale. Something that has the body and the flavor to go up against chili. In the end, I decided on the Bootlegger Brown Ale by Independance Brewing Company.

The marketing blurb on this one reads "Smooth, chocolatey, and easy-drinking... Bootlegger Brown Ale won't slow you down. Brewed with the finest two-row barley and Belgium chocolate malt, Bootlegger has a distinctive, chocolatey flavor. Bootlegger is filtered for a medium body and clean, laid-back finish."

It did have hints of chocolate, but I think it had a bit more caramel flavor. I served it well chilled, but I think it was better after it warmed a bit. It didn't form much of a head (maybe the way I poured it?), but the aromatics were still nice. All in all, I consider it a nice malty caramel goodness. Probably better on a colder day, but still a quality beer.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cooking chili

Well, let me be honest, this isn't 100% about cooking chili, I also took some pictures (shocking I know).

First, the chili. A TRUE bowl of Texas Red is a thing of beauty, but let me be clear about one thing. Beans need not apply for a position within my chili. I did use three different kinds of animal however. Ground pork (a little over a pound), two kinds of beef (ground and stew chunks, and ground bison). A total of 7 pounds of meat, 3 pounds of tomatoes (rotel, whole, etc), and varies and sundry spices came together into a combination that can only be described as orgasmic. Not too hot, for the wifey, but with a pleasant kick. Enough to make you sweat, but not make the mouth burn.

Also, a new tool. While out Xmas shopping, we had to pop into Lowes to return a Christmas tree stand we bought (already had one, but it was a bit wonky - turns out it was operator error). While there, I decided to look at the tools, mainly because I heard of this newish wundertool called a fubar. The rumors where true, this thing was made from pure awesome. I bought one for me, and one for Nuttnbunnies hubby for his Xmas gift.

I also bought BBQ sauce for Seattle Sis' husband. Not going to post what I got her, as she tends to read here, but I think she will like it. Next post will be a beer review.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

I got the Xmas shopping blues.

Actually I don't, but I did knock out a significant portion of it today. The last couple days stores have been insane. I drive a truck. A big black truck, and yet to some it has become invisible. I pulled into a lot on Friday, and a woman driving on the wrong side of the road got mad at me because I wouldn't move. I yelled at another guy in the parking lot, because he almost ran over me and a little old couple while backing out. Apparently it's ok to blindly throw your car into gear while simultaneously talking on the phone and pulling out into a cross walk. Who knew?

One thing I do to calm myself (other then yelling at the evil doers), is listen to a little relaxing music. So, next time you get a little tense, check out Andy McKee.

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