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Monday, November 17, 2008

Two tickets to the gun show?

Well, technically it was only one ticket, as the Rabbiteach was a bit under the weather (actually a lot under the weather). I went a bit earlier then usual, but didn't think it would be a problem. In fact, I figured I would get there before most folks. Wrong again. The line was probably 150 yards long and easily had 250 people in it. Each willing to pay a Lady Godiva (technically it would have been less but I like the Cockney Rhyming Slang) to get in and look around.

Prices were ridiculous. Not a little off, or slightly higher. Ridiculous. Glock Sub2000 9mm was $429 (MSRP is $406). WASR-10s were listed at $699 ($429 1 month ago). Glock 33 round mags $49. I bought a couple 30 round Pmags at $17 a piece (about $1 higher then usual), but that was it. Stripped Superior Arms lowers were selling for $150 and had a line 30 people deep to buy them. I wanted to pick up a Saiga-12, but they wanted $900 for them. No thanks, I will get on a waiting list for half that price. People were silly.

After fighting my way out of the parking lot, I went over to GT's, and bought some of the Federal shotgun ammo. They have the LEF127RS slugs that I like (who wouldn't like a 1oz slug traveling at 1610 FPS?) and the Flight Control OO LE12700. I also grabbed a couple boxes of the Speer LE Golddot ammo. My rifles lurv the 223 Rem 64Gr. GDSP.

Maybe some pictures this weekend if the weather is nice, I have lots of stuff I need to photo and the boss will be at an English Teacher thing. Might be time to try and find a fixed 50mm lens for the Camera, or get really artsy and find a fisheye lens.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008


New ink scheduled. January 10th I go in for the other shoulder. At least for the outline and whatever else Hector can get done. I'm not sure if he will be tattooing at the shop, or at the Star of Texas Tattoo Convention, but either way I'm scheduled for highnoon. Plus, I rescheduled my 3rd dehairing treatment. I figured if I was spending time and money on tattoos, I should get rid of the hair that would mask them.

I have to take some good pictures of the kimono lining, but the idea is two Foo Dogs on a cliff, with swirly clouds and maybe water. Details are a little unknown, as I tend to give him artistic license, but expect lots of detail, full color flowers & foos, and grey clouds.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Retail therapy of a different sort.

Alternate title "Zombies beware". I bought a Kel-tec Sub 2000 9mm carbine. I was a bit skeptical, but figured it might be a good investment (along with a handful of 33 round Glock mags). This thing is a hoot! I ran it through a quick test (100 rounds or so), and was delighted at the grouping and ease of use. The one issue I had, was a fail to eject (FTE), but I think that was somewhat a fluke since the casing actually flipped around backwards and pinched between the bolt and the chamber. I don't anticipate this failure happening again, but will keep an eye out for it.

As mentioned, accuracy was good. At 25 yards I chewed a fist sized hole in the target about 4 inches right of the bullseye. I will adjust the sites eventually, but with a little adjustment to my shooting was able to move the group to the left.

In related news, I forgot how annoying indoor ranges can be once hunting season starts. Don't get me wrong, I love hunting, but setting up next to a guy shooting the latest and greatest magnum cartridge with extra porting can get fairly annoying, especially when shooting smaller calibers in the lane next to them. I realize it wasn't their fault, and talked to the RO to get my lane moved, but the fact that the RO thought it was a good idea to put them right next to me makes me wonder. There is nothing like trying to shoot small groups in paper with a .22 and feeling the concusive blast from one (or two) lanes over. Heck, I was impressed some of these guys could keep it on the paper with the flinch they were developing. Then again, at least they were getting out and shooting.

In other news, I have been keeping steady with my weight. I had a scale malfunction yesterday. When I first stepped on, it read 221. A re-weigh put me at 224. Not a huge difference I know, but when trying to get to a lower weight class 3 pounds is big. I also got my first stripe on my Blue belt, so I have that going for me. After NAGA Dallas, I think I'm going to start the tattoo on my other shoulder.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The government we deserve ...

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. - JFK

Today we should change that to "Ask not what you can do for your country, but what you believe your country should do for you." I wasn't surprised by the election results. In fact, it went down about the way I expected. However, that fact doesn't make me any less disappointed. I'm not disappointed that people got out and voted, but I am disappointed that people actually believed what the candidates said versus what they have done in the past.

One of my hot buttons is firearms. I believe the 2nd Amendment makes the rest possible. PE* Obama has consistently voted against individuals being able to own and defend themselves with firearms, yet people actually believed him when he said he wouldn't restrict firearms if elected. He has consistently said he wouldn't raise taxes, but he doesn't consider letting the Bush tax cuts expire to be raising taxes. Actions speak louder then words.

I firmly believe that a large portion of the population has been duped into voting for someone based on the National equivalent of a Highschool Class President. Empty promises and lip service to change. However, McCain wasn't much better. The difference, was that we had a longer timetable on the road to hell under McCain then we do under Obama. Biden himself admits that they are going to make lots of unpopular decisions, and that the US will be tested at the global level based solely on who was elected. I think that speaks volumes.

Just remember, as the federal government starts to eat away at your freedoms, as that maximum tax line starts to creep toward your bottomline, and as more people start to feel the burden of supporting those who are unwilling to carry their fair share remember that we caused this. This was the choice of a large percent of our country. When we look for blame, you can look to the mirror, your family, and your friends. We get the government we deserve.

As for me, I have to buy more mags and ammo. January 20th isn't that far off, and the freedoms I currently enjoy will be severly curtailed in the 1st 100 days. That is, unless Atlas Shrugs.

*President Elect

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