10 Percent Bigger

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time keeps on slipping into the future ...

A quick update for my reader. Work has been all kinds of busy. My quota keeps going up, my territory grows, and I keep meeting and exceeding. May have worked myself into a pickle however, as the boss told me he couldn't afford to promote me (at least for 6 months). WTF Mate.

In other news, I have continued to get tattoos. Started my back-piece a week ago. Sat for a 10 hour session. Ouch seems inadequate. Goes from just above my shoulder blades to just below my err Glutes. Still have 2-3 hours of line work left then we can start shading. Below is the in progress picture. Still need to shoot some new pics, and try to come up with a way to show the whole thing without subjecting anyone to graph pictures of my rear. By the way, tattooing the lower lumbar/sacrum area was an experience I won't soon forget.