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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I'm a horrible blogger ...

Yep, I'm horrible, and not because of my lack of original topics, my craptastic photography, or my 6th grader on a sugar rush focus. I can't seem to update regularly. So, the excuse d'jour, I have upped my training significantly. I'm doing BJJ 3 days a week, added a Thai boxing class one day a week, and am trying to shoot once a week. I also try and pickup an extra BJJ class when I can. By the time I get home my fingers barely function.

So, to break down my activities:

BJJ - I feel like I busted a plateau recently. I'm not sure when it happened, but the other day I realized I had been wrestling for 20 minutes. I was winded but could still go, and was even doing well. My submission defense has improved dramatically. I still get submitted, but it takes some work. Tonight I passed Phil's guard (a blue belt with a notorious guard), and even subbed him with a foot lock. Pretty cool.

Thai boxing - What a blast! A completely different workout then wrestling. I learned to wrap my hands correctly after a particularly nasty bruise over my right ring finger. I wish I had taken a picture, it was awesome. My right leg kicks are decent, my left leg kicks are pathetic. I'm confident I can overcome it though, I have been shadow boxing every night and initially the elbows were the same. I know I will continue for at least one more month, but it depends on the pricing. $130 for 4 classes is steep. Especially considering a local gym with both BJJ & Muay Thai would cost $80 (plus they are near my office so I could go workout at lunch).

Shooting - I have a confession. I suck at handgun shooting. I can make neat little clovers with a rifle, and have won some money shooting 5 stand (and in the field hunting), but I lack skills with the pistol. To that end, I found a Ruger MKII for cheap, and have been getting better. Hopefully it will translate. Now I just need to send my 1911 back to Colt to get it working 100%.

Weight wise I need to be better. I am always hungry. Always. I jumped up to 235 or so, then settled at around 230. Not a positive move. I hope to get more ink before too long, but can't until I get back down to at least 225.

That covers my training, I need to blog about our trip down to order boots. I have a new pair being made. Should be done by July. Sweet! Work sucks, but that is to be expected, and I at least have a job. Only thing that sucks worse would be unemployment.

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