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Sunday, August 30, 2009

An interesting conversation

Thursday, after torturing me for a bit, my Crossfit Coach and I started talking about Martial Arts. It crossed over into religion a bit, but my general idea was that Martial Arts are more then just tying a belt around my waist and spending time in the Dojo. Running, lifting, sparring, shooting, nutrition, these are all parts of a Martial Life.

I've mentioned it before, but the main reason I work out, is to attempt to achieve a level of fitness that will make me better at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It does that, my strength and flexibility is steadily increasing, and my endurance is going up as well. It also helps all of my martial activities. Let's face it, being able to run 1/8th of a mile (or more) without falling over helps breathing control and heart rate, which is important in firearms competition, hunting, and even if the S hits the proverbial fan. How many times have you seen someone at the range who gets winded walking to the 100yard line to change targets? That person might be the best shot in the world, but how good a shot will they be when their heart rate is 180+ and they are desperately trying to suck in Oxygen to keep from passing out?

I'm not saying I'm going to be hitting any Ironman competitions anytime soon, but I will run a 5k this year. Just some food for thought.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well, that isn't fun.

I dislike when someone rains on my parade. Even when the rain is necessary. The conglomo that I work for managed to not screw me out a nice commission, and I was flush with cash. Paying bills was on my radar, as was a nice used Glock I had been drooling on at the local gun store. That is when my wife dropped the proverbial bucket of rain on my plans. "I know you want that pistol, but maybe you should think about a gun safe."

She is of course 100% correct. As usual. I've needed a safe for awhile now. Firearms stashed in closets, under beds, and even in corners. That coupled with the recent "taking of things from my truck" has us both a bit worried. If we ever had a break-in the thieves would have a field day. Lots of toys, and thousands of rounds of ammo. So, off to start looking at safes.

I do have some fun things wining their way to me though! New (to me) camera! A Yashica Mat 124 120 film camera. Looking forward to taking pictures with it. The last roll of 120 film I had developed didn't come out. At some point the film was exposed. The risks you take, although I'm sorry I lost some of those shots. I think I can re-take them, but I just have to go down to San Marcos/Wimberly again.

More pictures coming shortly.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A quick one

I'm pleased with my "toy" film camera. So much so, I think I'm going to keep shooting film for awhile (maybe even buy an old cam on Ebay). I'm not forgetting digital, but like most older things it just has more soul. Think the deep bluing of an old 1911, an old church pew, the honest wear on an older shotgun, the deep brown of a saddle polished by years of use. Soulful.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Updated my Blogroll

Made some changes to the blogroll. Nothing major, but I wanted to add a couple that I have been reading, and a new one from a buddy of mine.

Ordered by memory, and not by any other significance:

Beef's blog. OK, his name isn't Beef, but I've called him that ever since I met him. He started Crossfit a couple weeks after I did. A dedicated power lifter in High school, I bet he can easily lift more then me. With one hand.

Paladin's blog. An animal control officer, I first stumbled across him at Brigid's blog, but quickly realized I had watched several of his videos already. His blog is full of useful info, and he enjoys photography as well.

Straight Forward in a Crooked World. Wow, his Defense Against the Dark Arts series is incredible (yes, I did steal that from Harry Potter). I don't recall where I first saw this blog mentioned, but have been following it dutifully for awhile. If any advice can help out when the excrement hits the oscillating blades you will find it here.

As always, this blog and the links I post are mainly for my own ease of use. I know I can hit my blog then branch out to several others (makes it easier for me to get my fix). No return links are required.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More photography coming

Lately I haven't been able to find my muse. The camera just hasn't been calling to me. Might be the 700 pictures I took while in Rockport (which reminds me, I need to burn those to DVD for the Bride & Groom).

However, I have been fascinated by a dumb little plastic camera. The Holga. So, while ordering a new flash from B&H (Canon 430 EX II), I added a Holga and 120 film to my order. Shooting film is more intimidating for me. You don't know if you did it right until possibly weeks later, and by then it is way too late. On the other hand, shooting digital can lead to being lazy. Light isn't right? Shoot it, it might come out or we can just do it again. Lazy.

Hopefully this little plastic camera is just the muse I need to get me back on track. My current project is portraits of interesting people in their work environment. Admittedly, the only picture I have taken so far is of my tattoo artist, but since I go see him on Saturday I might re-shoot with the Holga. Depends on how I feel after another 3-4 hour tattoo session.

Fair warning, more crappy photography is coming. Might even shoot some pictures of the owls I'm having tattooed on my chest.

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