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Friday, July 02, 2010

More ink work and some vacation

The 3-4 hours of tattoo work I was expecting turned into 7 hours. Finished the sujibori (outline), but the last 5 minutes was bruta. If anyone ever tells you tattoos don't hurt, punch them square in the junk cause they are liars. No more work scheduled til September-ish. In slightly less then two week we leave for Europe. Flying into Copenhagen then catching the boat to cruise the Baltic (with a side trip to Moscow). Should be a fun trip, although traipsing through a bunch of foreign places without even a pocket knife makes me a bit nervous. Especially with my Grandmother-in-law in tow. She tends to make more enemies then friends, on a daily basis. Oh well, if you hear about an ugly international incident in the Baltic region know it was probably me. Be prepared to "send lawyers, guns, & money." Not necessarily in that order.

No pics this time, a combo of me not taking any, and NSFW complaints about the last set. Come on, it didn't show any crack.

Reading through this one, it looks like my ADD is firing a bit, cause I'm all over the place.

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