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Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Feels so good feeling good again ..."

Sometimes Robert Earl Keen says it soo much better then I can. Back from vacation with a better outlook on life. Not that my outlook was bad, but a week away from work was definitely needed. We flew out to Seattle, drank allot of beer, and ate allot of food, and generally enjoyed being away from everything.

We visited Whidbey Island and had lunch (I think the beer at this place was probably better then the food), toured all the little shops along the way, and generally had a good time. While on the island, we visited a winery. The whites they had were great, I wasn't as blown away by their reds, they weren't bad, just not fantastic.

We also went to the EMP (Experience Music Project). The EMP is essentially a big music museum built mostly with money from Paul Allen (Microsoft Co-founder). It was cool to see the exhibits, but a bit tiresome. Too many people, and a definite sensory overload. I did however enjoy it, I just wish fewer people had been there, I don't deal well with crowds.

While I was there I also read the last Harry Potter book, but I think that will be fodder for a post later this week.

As always, gratuitous pimping of my flickr page.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A picture weekend ... after working.

Two days of beating my latest project into submission. I had to replace a handrail going up the stairs to our second story deck. It's mostly done, but the heat and the sun drove me inside early. After resting, I decided to go for a quick drive to take some pictures. SWMBO decided it was too hot, and cut me loose. Lots and lots of wildflowers.

A larger (read huge) version

Not everything was flowers

Again huge

OK, so it might be mostly flowers (no pun intended).

You know the drill

Let me be the first to say that I love my new camera. Next I think is some new glass. Maybe a 70-300 lens. Then you really will have to put up with macro pictures.