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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

“Whenever a doctor cannot do good, he must be kept from doing harm.”

I'm not the best patient. In fact i'm not what one could consider "patient" at all. (Cue the collective gasp from my reader.)

I did however spend 90% of my waking hours over the last two weeks in the walking boot seen below.

(Incidentally, it's isn't easy to shoot pictures of your own foot).

Back on target, Dr.'s office today. The foot seems to be healing well, but he wants me to wear the boot for another 2 weeks. Crap. No BJJ, no working out, basically I get to take all the recent gains I made, and throw them out the window. Wow that sucks.

Also, I think this Doc might know me too well (or he has an inside source). I complained the boot hurt (apparently he remembered I popped my own toe in place when it was last dislocated), cause he wanted to know where it hurt and what pain level. Damn him and his questions. I explained it was my calf and shin. At that point, he told me the boot was supposed to slow me down. Right. He then makes the statement "You haven't slowed down a bit, have you?". Me? Moi? I will have him know that I even took the elevator down today instead of the stairs. And yes, I did hop down a couple stairs at lunch on Saturday, but it wasn't that big of a deal 7 stairs max. He wasn't impressed. Two more weeks of boot, one week of tennis shoes only, then back to see him.

So, what does this mean? 5 total weeks without BJJ. My conditioning has gone to shite, I missed 1 tournament and 2 seminars. Oh, and I got fatter cause I can't work out. [sarcasm]F'ng brilliant![/sarcasm]

At least I have my camera. More pictures on Flickr.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Clickety Clickety Click!

Wahoo, new camera! I have complained for along time that I wanted, no NEEDED a new camera. The point and shoot I was using simply didn't do the job. Welp, the "Big Red Machine" aka my job was good to me, and Uncle Sam decided to give me more back then I expected (I do hate giving interest free loans to the .gov), so SWMBO got a new laptop and I bought a new camera.

So, what does that mean for you guys? Welp, it means you get to see more of these:

And These:

And Finally These:

Maybe next time I will just post a link to my Flickr account.

Monday, May 14, 2007

These boots are made for walking ...

Actually, the boot on my right foot isn't made for walking, it's made for not putting pressure on my right toes. Apparently it's a bad idea to fly through the air and land on your big toe. Who knew?

Yes, this past weekend was the BJJ tournament in Spring, Texas. I won 2 matches and lost 2 matches. Other then this big immobilizing ankle boot I have to wear it was good.

First match I won 19-2, Second match I won by submission (up 20-0 at the time), third match I lost by submission, and the 4th match I lost by submission. 22 people in the Heavy weight Gi division. THat's alot of poundage. 10 guys in the Superheavyweight no-gi division. That numbers are huge (no pun intended).

So, back to my foot. It actually has 2 injuries, first a little over a week ago I dislocated my little toe, but I popped it back into place. I also did something to my 3rd toe, so now it won't bend. I can, however, shoot the bird with my right foot (so I have that going for me). While flying (or more specifically landing) on Saturday, I also managed to break my Sesmoidal bone. Well, they think I did, it's definately in 2 pieces, but they can't prove it wasn't like that to begin with (unless they Xray the other foot to see if it is the same. So far they haven't decided to do that. I will be in the boot for 2 weeks minimum. More when I get back to the doctor on the 28th.

Also, I have an upcoming visit to Rhode Island for work, and am planning a trip to Nashville to visit a buddy. Fun fun stuff.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

A little less of me to go around ...

Well, it really was time. I am preparing for a Jiu Jitsu tournament, and decided I really needed to crack down on my weight. Let me tell you, it isn't fun. Not even a little bit. Some background. Like most guys, when I was younger I could eat. Alot. Large pizza? Sure, what are you having? Two burgers two fries two drinks? Sounds tasty, can I get a corndog and an icecream also? Of course, I was actively playing sports, and growing. Now, if I even smell french fries my body starts packing on the pounds. To the point that I have been as high as 300 lbs. With a steady workout, I had cut it to around 285, but was obviously still too big. Bleh.

So, about 4 weeks ago, I decided enough was enough. I cranked up the treadmill, and started buying water by the case. Limiting myself to roughly 1500 Calories a day, cutting booze, cokes, anything high in fat, and most red meat (I had beef fajita once and a small steak another time), I have managed to lose 22 lbs. My goal for the tournament was a bit aggressive at 250, but I should get close. At that time, I will take about two weeks off the hardcore diet then back on it for another month or so. At that rate, I hope to hit 220 by the end of July.

Wish me luck!